Magic the Gathering at Dice Bag Games

Wednesdays (Afternoons till closing) ~ Casual Magic Wednesdays here at Dice Bag Games come get in on the action!

Each Wednesday at 5:30pm we host a casual Pauper tournament
Whats is Pauper? You play with a 60+ deck with only common rarity cards, so dust off so hidden gems and delve into a great fun format!

Our casual Friday Night Magic events start at 2pm and will feature fan favourites such as Pauper, Commander, Back Draft,

Pick-A-Pack Draft and many more!

We host another FNM event at 5pm which typically feature Draft and Standard

(See below for this months schedule)


Join us for Friday Night Magic

July FNM Promo




FNM July 2016

2 pm 5 pm

July 1st

1v1 Commander Booster Draft
July 8th Pauper (Commons Only) Standard

July 15th

Pauper (Commons Only) Standard

July 22nd

1v1 Commander Booster Draft
June 29th Pauper (Commons Only) Booster Draft

Magic Game Day August 13th-14th
Battle it out to be our Game Day Champion with twice the promos, mats and fun!


Any questions? Please call the shop

250-597-1992 or e-mail us