Magic the Gathering at Dice Bag Games

Wednesdays (Afternoons till closing) ~ Casual Magic Wednesdays here at Dice Bag Games get in on the action!

Our weekly F.N.M. events will begin at 5pm

(See below for this months schedule)


Join us for Friday Night Magic



FNM July 2014

  • July 4th Booster Draft 
  • July 11th Standard Constructed
  • July 18th Booster Draft
  • July 25th Booster Draft
  • August 9th Magic Game Day!



We thank everyone who attended the 2015 Core Set Prerelease in search of bigger game.
Booster drafts for this new set will begin the 23rd of July every Wednesday so come join us!



Any questions please call the shop 250-597-1992 or e-mail us