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Want to know what day to come down and play your favorite game, or try out something new?  
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 - Board Games Drop-in

-Casual Magic Night

  -Board Games Drop-in

-Table Top Game Drop-in 

  -Friday Night Magic

2pm & 5pm 

  -40K/Age of Sigmar Drop-in and Demos

-Table Top Game Drop-in   

  -Attack Wing Drop-in

-Dicemasters Drop-in and Demos


In-Store Special Offers


Board Games
We have some great deals on a selection of terrific games
Nightfall $39.99 Now $31.99
Leviathans $98.00 Now $78.40
and many more great deals await you!


All Dust Tactics minis are 50% Off
Come check out our selection while supplies last!

1st Edition Malifaux white metal minis are 50% Off

Flames of War books and minis are clear to move at 50% Off


Magic: The Gathering

Now on sale From the Vault: Angels!

Featuring Magic's most iconic and sought after Angels
Yours for $80 while supplies last




Star Trek Attack Wing
The Prime Directive has been forgotten, set phasers to kill!


  • October 10th 11am-5pm

Celebrate the release of the new Hordes book Devastation with a fun release event!
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Magic The Gathering






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