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Weekly Events


Want to know what day to come down and play your favorite game, or try out something new?  
     Pick a day, come on down and show us what you've got!

Daily Gaming at Dice Bag









My Little Pony CCG
Adventure Time:Card Wars CCG

  Casual Magic + Drop-in Drafts 

  Table Top Game Drop-in 

  Friday Night Magic 5pm 

  Board Games Drop-in

  Table Top Game Drop-in 


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Magic: The Gathering

Until August 31st
Born of the Gods Booster Boxes are only $126








Warhammer Fantasy and 40K

We are your place to play!


Star Trek Attack Wing
The Prime Directive has been forgotten, set phasers to kill!
August 2nd 12pm - Tholian Web

September 6th 12pm - Arena
September 27th 12pm - The Collective OP#1

Want to meet with up with more people interested in Attack Wing?
Join Duncan Attack Wing Group (D.A.W.G.) on Facebook


Magic: The Gathering
Check our upcoming events here and don't forget August 2nd is the 2015 Magic Game Day!




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